Why marijuana need to use dry net?

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Okay, I know what you’re thinking: Seriously? An herb drying rack?? But hear me out. I wasn’t totally sold either until I started dipping my toes in the world of herbal remedies (as you know, we love them around here). I toss dried herbs into everything from candles to teas to beauty recipes because they can help soothe, soften and heal just about anything. But at upwards of $5 a jar for organic, they’re not exactly cheap. Thankfully summer brings an abundance of fresh herbs, and what better way to preserve the bounty (and your paycheck) than by drying your own.

It is important to know that marijuana in the market refers to the dried female buds of marijuana, which look like strings or balls of dried plants.
After the flower harvested, it takes a few days for it to dry, and more sophisticated people will curing it, a process similar to brewing, to bring out its unique flavor. However, if the cannabis flower you have is very fresh, too moist, or even non-flammable, it will not only be underweight, but it will most likely be moldy.
To maintain the unique flavor of the cannabis, it needs to be air-dried with herb dry net, a process that keeps the cannabis dry and easy to store.

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