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    We are a company that values customers’ satisfaction. We always aim at producing and delivering quality hydroponics supplies that meet all your needs.

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    • Our hydroponics supplies are quite eco-friendly.

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    Hot products according to our clients feedback

    Unitgrow is dedicated to the wholesale of hydroponic products and we offer a wide range of products with our manufacturing expertise:

    Grow bags

    Growing bag is a planter loaded with a growing medium and also used for growing plants, usually vegetables or flowers.
    Originally fabric made from polypropylene, planting bags are likewise made from non-woven material.
    The growing medium is typically based upon a soilless natural product such as peat, coir, composted environment-friendly waste, composted bark or composted timber chips, or a blend of these.
    Numerous nutrients are added, enough for one season’s growing, so regularly only watering and growing are needed of the end-user.
    Growing is embarked on by initial laying the bag level on the floor or bench of the expanding location, after that dig an openings in the Dirt of grow bag, into which the plants are put.

    Herb Drying Rack

    Herb drying rack is designed to be a round structure with mesh fabric.

    It supports maximum air flow through each layer of the net.

    Herb Dryer complete with serval layers, allows you to easily dry all types of herbs in your own home without worrying about unwanted odors, bulky machines or moldy results.

    No electricity, no complicated preparation, just hang it up.

    In the harvest season, you no longer need to worry about herbs getting moldy because of dampness, just put them in a herb drying rack, hang them in a ventilated place, and the herbs can dry naturally.

    Herb drying net is suitable for air-drying of herbs, marijuana, chili peppers, garlic, onions, and other plants.

    Round Carbon Filter

    Used to exhaust and purify the air in a limited space, filters containing activated carbon are called Round Carbon Filter.

    Its purpose is to remove disturbing substances from the air, such as odors, dust, heavy metals, and undesirable and toxic chemicals.

    Carbon filtration works by adsorption, trapping impurities and odors in the air in the pore structure of the carbon matrix.

    Duct Silencer

    Duct silencer is widely used, its main function is to absorb sound and reduce the influence of noise on life and work.
    It is commonly used in ventilation systems and duct of buildings.
    Also it’s one of the essential components of hydroponic cultivation.
    The indoor cultivation of plants needs perfect air circulation, and the work of duct fan will produce huge indoor noise.
    Duct Silencer can perfectly match and connect with inline fan to achieve the purpose of muffling.

    Bubble Hash Bags

    Bubble hash bags is mainly used to separate plants and resins, and filter out different grades of hash according to the needs.
    Bubble hash bag is available for create full-melt or full-spectrum hash.
    Bubble hash bag kit extracted and retained cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and other substances without pollution.

    All Mesh Bubble Hash Bag

    All mesh bubble bags are the most efficient and durable ice water extraction bags.

    It is mainly used for ice water bubble Hash, Ice Kief & chemical solvent extraction.

    The sidewalls and bottom of the extraction bags are made of white polyester mesh fabric.

    All mesh filter bags use 200D bezel strips and 100% nylon sutures for three-layer stitching to increase strength.

    All mesh hash bags are durable can be used repeatedly more than 120 times.

    Through the filter bags with different microns in the all mesh bubble bag kit, you can effectively filter all kinds of impurities outside the main body of the extract and easily get the purest hash.

    220 Micron Bag

    The 220 micron bag is designed to extract the primary and original bubble hash.
    The temperature-resistant material of the whole network makes it have a stable filter structure: you no longer have to worry about impurities, and the mellow and mild taste of hash is easy to get.
    The thickened and wear-resistant modified polyester mesh enables 220 micron work bag to work efficiently with bubble washing machine to meet your urgent needs.
    At the same time, 220 micron filter bag can be reused many times in safe storage, and its care is extremely simple, as long as it is washed and dried in a ventilated place after use.
    The filter bag mesh of Unitgrow has been tested for many times in different dimensions, which can satisfy your extraction in different environments, whether it is bubble hash machine or Gallon bucket.
    The most important highlight is that the 220 micron bag design has also been improved many times, adding mesh bayonets in a number of key parts to ensure that no impurities are leaking from the bag.
    Also Unitgrow is a professional partner of YKK. You can check our real situation in YKK customer database. 
    We hope to provide you with the best 220micron bag product solution.

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