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Customized 4/7/10 Gallon Tomato Grow Pots

Tomato Grow Pots Quick Details:

Type: Grow Pots With Handles
Product Item: UG-GB-TGB
Size:  tomato grow pots
Brand: Logo Customized
Shape: Round
Handles: 2 or added
Material: Nonwoven fabric
Material Grade: 280-GSM,300-GSM
Color: Customized (Black/ Green/ Tan in common)
Application: Greenhouse/ Yards/Garden/ Basement
Packing: Thicker Opp Bag/ Printed Box
Usage: Indoor & Outdoor
  • Product Details Of Tomato Grow Pots:

    • Unitgrow tomato growing bag is suitable for growing tomatoes, potatoes, groundnuts, carrots, peanuts, and so on. It satisfies you to grow easily at home and enjoy the joy of harvest.
    • The potatoes are manufactured with cross-stitched carrying handles for greater safety when moving plants.
    • The material of the planting bag is made of 280/300 GSM thickened needle-punch non-woven fabric, which is more resistant to tearing, longer life and reusable.
    • Based on the air permeability and water permeability of the needle-punched non-woven fabric, the roots and fruits of the plants can mature slowly under proper water balance, so you no longer need to worry about excessive water causing root and fruit decay.

Tomato Grow Pots Manufacturer Size Guide

Standard size of Tomato Grow Pots

Grow pot styleDia * HeightVolume
Size (cm)Gallon
Tomato Grow Pots
Material 280/300gsm
Thickness 1.5mm
with handles
25φ*30H4 Gal
30φ*35H7 Gal
35φ*40H10 Gal

One of Top 10 Tomato Grow Pots Manufacturer in China-Unitgrow

tomato grow pots supplier
tomato grow pots manufacturer- Unitgrow
As a professional Wholesale Grow Bags supplier, Unitgrow is committed to providing excellent quality products to our customers.
We supply velcro grow pots that are based on actual planting experiments with structural improvements and size adjustments.For any of your fbric pots customization needs, just tell us your requirements and we will take care of the entire process from proofing to shipping. 7-day sample fast turnaround, contact us now.

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