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Plant Drying Rack | Drying Rack for Bud & Flowers

4 6 8 Layers Mesh Hanging Bud Drying Racks Quick Details:

Type : Customized Flower Dry Rack
Product Item : UG-HDR-01
Size : Dia-24 Inch(60cm) Dia-36 Inch(90cm)
Layer : 2/4/6/8 Layer
Brand : Customized
Material : 60-65GSM Mesh Fabric
Color : Custom color(Black in common)
Application: Flower, Cannabis, Herb, Fruit, Vegetable,etc
Packing : 200D Fabric Storage Bag + OPP Clear Bag
Usage : Indoor & Outdoor Herb Drying

Product Details Of Plant Drying Rack:

  1. Made of durable polyester mesh and Bold flat steel ring to provide enough sturdy support.
  2. The top is made of 200D fabric with a fully enclosed design to avoid the trouble of moisture and dust.
  3. The open zipper is extended to 60cm, which is convenient for taking out and putting in the herbs.
  4. The single-layer has a height of 8 inches, which can be fully suitable for drying a variety of items: plants, herbs, nuts, vegetables, fish, clothes, etc.

Material of Plant Drying Rack: polyester mesh fabric

Colorfastness: 4.5 grade Stable performance, no fading by water immersion

1、High strength

The strength of short fiber is 2.6~5.7cN/dtex, and the high strength fiber is 5.6~8.0cN/dtex.

2、Resistant to corrosion

Can resist bleach, oxidizer, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids. Resistant to dilute alkali, not afraid of mold, but hot alkali can make it decompose. Also

3、Good light resistance

Polyester fabric light resistance is good, except for poorer than acrylic, its sunlight resistance than natural fiber fabrics.

4、Good heat resistance

Polyester is the best heat-resistant fabric in the combined fabric, with thermoplastic, can be made into pleated skirt, pleats lasting.

5、Good abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance is second only to the best abrasion resistance of nylon, better than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers.

6、Good chemical properties

Polyester fabric resistance to a variety of chemicals good performance. Acid, alkali damage to its degree are not large, while not afraid of mold, not afraid of insects.

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mesh fabric of herb drying rack

Plant Drying Rack Manufacturer Of China – Unitgrow

Unitgrow is the manufacturer of Zippered herb drying rack, Buckle layered herb dryer, Integrated cannabis drying rack, etc.
We can provide different design of herb drying rack: 2-layer/4-layer/ 6-layer/ 8-layer
With 7 years of going hydroponic, We specialized in developing the newest type of herb drying rack.
Customized production of fabric colors within 7 days.

Customized production of less than 1000 pieces will be completed within 15 days.

Also, we accept customized Brand requirements, OEM/ ODM orders are welcomed.
Now, contact us to start your branding products!

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