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5 Gallon Essence Bag With Free Pressing Screen | Bubble Hash Kit For Extracting Machine - Bubble Bags Wholesale

5 Gallon 4-Bag Essence Extractor Rosin Bag Quick Details:

Type : 600D Oxford 5 Gallon 4-Bag Bubble Bag For Hash
Product Item : UG-BBG-03
Size : 1/5/10/15/20 Gallon
Micron : 25/45/73/90/120/160/220 Micron
Brand : Customized
Material : Coated Waterproof Oxford Fabric
Color : Purple/White/Yellow/Black/Orange/Red/Green/Blue
Feature : With 25 Micron Pressing Screen & 200D Storage Bag
Application : Herbal Ice Essence filter bag for hash machine

Product Details Of Micron Bag For Hash:

The hash micron bags enables you to extract valuable plant resins and separate herbal extract into different grades. Removing dust, leaf and other contamination and holds all the finest and smallest high quality herbal crystals/pore size, making sure no crystals escape.
Hash Bags of 25-micron, 90-micron, 160micron, 220micron bags
  • 1. Made of durable waterproof PVC coated 600D oxford fabric, with built-in flexible cord for binding the filled bag, and perfect double stitching to ensure the quality. Each micron bag provides you with industrial-grade filtration to double your yields and easily extract any essential herbs
  • 2. Professional Correct Sizing: bubble bags made with Precise dimensions, Easily fit standard hash buckets.
  • 3. Bubble hash bags are labeled and color-coded to correspond to 8-micron ratings. Micron sizes: 220, 190, 160, 120, 90, 73, 45, and 25, it will be easy to find the bags that you need.
  • 4. The extraction bag kit comes with a 200D black carrying bag for easy storage and a piece 25-micron pressing screen which is an essential part of the hash drying process.


advantage of Bubble Bags Wholesale Supplier
Essence Bag manufacturer and supplier

Cannabis Concentrates: Herb Dry Extraction Vs Bubble Hash

Cannabis concentrates can be made with different techniques. Concentrates contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. This is because, unlike extracts, when making concentrates, you are removing the entire trichome head instead of dissolving it in a chemical solvent, where it can lose some compounds.


Dry sieving hashish is also known as kief. This is the traditional method of trichome collection, it consists in separating the trichomes from the plant material by sieving.


Bubble hash (or water hash) is another way of making hash, it uses water as a way of separating the trichomes from the plant material and the result is quite similar to dry sieving, although it can reduce the amount of impurity, resulting in a higher quality hash.


Both techniques have advantages and disadvantages, although water hash is considered to have better quality, the final result depends solely on the quality of the flowers and your experience.
You can achieve very good quality hash either way if you know what you are doing, although each way has its advantages and disadvantages.
Either way, the only way to guarantee good quality is to grow buds full of trichomes.
micron grade of bubble hash bag

Bubble Hash Kit Manufacturer Of China – Unitgrow

Unitgrow is the manufacturer of bubble hash bags.
We can provide different combinations of bubble hash bags: single/2-bag set/ 4-bag set/ 5-bag set/ 8-bag set
With 7 years of going hydroponic, We specialized in developing the newest material for bubble hash bags, supply many kinds of bubble hash bags, such as 600D hash bags, half mesh hash bags,  all mesh hash bags, micron bags, and so on.
Also, we accept customized requirements, OEM/ ODM orders are welcomed.
Now, contact us to start your branding products!

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