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12 Inch Grow Room Filter | Inline Fan Carbon Filter Air Purifier

Quick Detail of 12 Ac Carbon Filter

Type : Grow Room Carbon Filter
Product Item : UG-CF-05
Size : 4-inch/ 5-inch/ 6-inch/ 8-inch/ 10-inch/ 12-inch
Height : Customized
Pre-Filter: Custom color acceptable
Brand : Customized Logo
Carbon Bed thickness :  30mm/ 38mm/50mm
Color : Custom color(White in common)
Application: Greenhouse/ Grow tent/ Basement/ Poultry house
Packing : Durable Box + Thicker Opp Bag
Usage : Indoor using

Product Details Of Grow Tent Carbon Filter:

Inline Carbon Filter Application
Inline Carbon Filter Manufacturer | Supplier – Unitgrow
  1. Applied to eliminate odors and chemicals for hydroponic grow tent and Poultry house.
  2. Made of premium-grade High point values of charcoal for higher absorption and longer life rating.
  3. With heavy-duty aluminum electroplated flanges, galvanized steel meshing, and high Efficient pre-filter.
  4. Design of maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations.

Grow Tent Carbon Filter Size Guide:

Size Guide of Carbon Filter manufacturer

ac carbon filter

size guide of carbon filter manufacturer

Carbon Vent Filter Manufacturer In China – Unitgrow

Grow Tent Carbon Filter
Carbon Vent Filter Factory | Manufacturer
Unitgrow is the manufacturer of grow tent carbon filter, carbon filter, air carbon filter, etc.
We can provide different design of carbon air filter: reversible charcoal filter, custom size carbon filter
Also, we accept customized Brand requirements, OEM/ ODM orders are welcomed.
Now, contact us to start your branding products!

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