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6 Inch Duct Noise Muffler | Blower Silencer Manufacturers - Unitgrow

Quick Details of 6 Inch Blower Silencerblower silencer manufacturers

Type: 6 Inch HVAC Duct Silencer
Product Item: UG-DS-6IN
Size : 6-inch
Foam Material: EVA Foam
Shell Material: Galvanized Steel
Flange Design: Irreversible/ Reversible for choice
Flange Height:  1.5-inch (3.8 cm)
Color: Electroplating or baking paint, color can be customized
Application: Greenhouse/ Grow tent/ Basement/ Ventilation equipment
Packing: Durable Box + Thicker Opp Bag
Usage: Indoor using

Product Details Of 6 Inch Duct Mufflers:

  1. Unitgrow duct silencer applied for inline fans in grow tents, bathroom and other vent applications.
  2. Designed with aluminum flanges to help absorb noise from fan working.
  3. The inner liner is made of an undulating honeycomb EVA sponge that will reduce fan noise by up to 50%.
  4. Galvanized steel body that is easy to work efficiently in humid, warm environments

Duct Mufflers Standard Size:

Size Guide of Blower Silencer Manufacturers
4 Inch Duct Silencer4″x20″4″20″
6 Inch Duct Silencer6″x20″6″20″
8 Inch Duct Silencer8″x20″8″20″
10 Inch Duct Silencer10″x20″10″20″
12 Inch Duct Silencer12″x20″12″20″
Inline Fan Silencer, Duct Silencer

6 Inch Duct Mufflers Manufacturer In China – Unitgrow

blower silencer application
Professional Duct Noise Muffler Manufacturer In China – Unitgrow
Unitgrow is the manufacturer of duct silencer, duct mufflers, duct sound attenuators, etc.
Our duct muffler is often installed with inline duct fans in grow room and hydroponic indoor farm. It can be installed easily between the fan, carbon filter and ducting. Duct silencer also can be used in HVAC applications including equipment cooling room, Poultry house ventilation system, ventilation in the bathroom.

It helps to creates a comforting environment that is less noise, more quiet, comfortable and relaxing.

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