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6 Inch Air Carbon Filter | Activated Carbon Filter Manufacturers - Unitgrow

6 Inch Activated Carbon Air Filter

Type : Filter Air Carbon Filter
Product Item : UG-CF-6IN
Size : 4-inch/ 5-inch/ 6-inch/ 8-inch/ 10-inch/ 12-inch
Height : Customized
Pre-Filter: Custom color acceptable
Brand : Customized Logo
Carbon Bed thickness :  30mm/ 38mm/50mm
Color : Custom color(White in common)
Application: Greenhouse/ Grow tent/ Basement/ Poultry house
Packing : Durable Box + Thicker Opp Bag
Usage : Indoor using

Product Details Of 6 in Carbon Filter:

Air Carbon Filter Application
Air Carbon Filter Manufacturer | Supplier – Unitgrow
  1. Applied to eliminate odors and chemicals for hydroponic grow tent and Poultry house.
  2. Made of premium-grade High point values of charcoal for higher absorption and longer life rating.
  3. With heavy-duty aluminum electroplated flanges, galvanized steel meshing, and high Efficient pre-filter.
  4. Design of maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations.

Size Guide of Activated Carbon Filter Manufacturers:

size guide of carbon filter manufacturer

Leading Activated Carbon Filter Manufacturers in China – Unitgrow

We have a complete Carbon filter production line and rich experience in every production flow, it can effectively saving the cost of material and well-controlled the quality. With years of development, good cooperation and win-win relationship with various material suppliers can ensure we get the material on time and get the better price. We have professional knowledge of different grades of activated carbon, we can provide advice to you when selecting material or accessories, it can save your time and maximize sales benefit.
Activated Carbon Filter Application
Activated Carbon Filter Supplier | Factory – Unitgrow

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