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Unitgrow is a leading duct silencer manufacturer & supplier in china, so we have a better price advantage and quality control ability on our duct mufflers.

We are committed to supplying highly effective duct silencers.

The inner liner of the silencer is made of wavy silencer sponge.There are countless air holes distributed on the surface of muffler cotton, which can reduce the noise of more than 25DB.

Our support team will help you 24/7 with the bubble hahs bag purchasing, we have a step-by-step production guide available for each model of duct silencer, so it is very easy for you to start it. If you need additional assistance, we also glad to help you.

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Duct Silencer - The Ultimate Guide

duct silencer
Duct silencer is widely used, its main function is to absorb sound and reduce the influence of noise on life and work.
It is commonly used in ventilation systems and duct of buildings.
Also it’s one of the essential components of hydroponic cultivation.
The indoor cultivation of plants needs perfect air circulation, and the work of duct fan will produce huge indoor noise.
Duct Silencer can perfectly match and connect with inline fan to achieve the purpose of muffling.

What is Duct Silencer?

duct silencers manufacturer
Duct silencer is a device used to absorb sound and reduce noise emissions, so it is also called air absorption silencer.
Introduction to the deconstruction of the silencer:
Generally speaking, the duct silencer is a cylindrical structure.
The surface of the cylinder is made of anti-oxidation metal plate, which can prevent rust.
The inner layer of the column is a wave-grasped silencer sponge, which can efficiently absorb and counteract noise.
The middle of the cylinder is hollow, allowing air to circulate.

What’s the Function of Duct Silencer

why we need a silencer


First of all, we need to figure out why there is noise in the ventilation system.

duct silencer application
When the ventilation fan starts to work, the air duct will be poured into the circulating air, and under the action of air pressure, the air duct will expand and vibrate, thus generating and transmitting noise.
At the same time, the fan motor in the working state, will also produce a huge noise.
The shape of the ventilation pipe also has a certain influence on the noise, and the wind resistance of the circular pipe is much smaller than that of the square curved pipe. 
Circular ducting usually make less noise when the air is ventilated.

Second, how does the silencer reduce the noise?

what's the function of duct silencer
The duct silencer achieves muffling by absorbing and eliminating the resonance of sound waves.
Usually, through the air duct, the silencer can be installed close to the noise source, such as duct fan, air compressor, etc., so that the noise can be minimized.
The muffler cavity contains porous wavy muffling material, usually rock wool, glass wool or fiberglass, which can counteract and absorb sound energy, that is, convert it into heat.
When the higher frequency noise passes through the cavity, under the action of wave muffling cotton, multiple sound waves are reflected to counteract the resonance, thus reducing the noise. In ideal conditions, it can reduce the noise by more than 50 decibels.

What’t the main materials of Duct silencer?

matirial of duct silencer-1
Duct silencers are generally installed in ventilation systems, while ventilation systems are usually installed in high places indoors, and you cannot often replace and install them.
Therefore, how to choose a high-quality duct silencer is very important to you.
You need to understand the structure of the duct silencer in order to make the correct selection.
Silencers are usually made into rectangles or cylinders, and the size can be chosen as needed.
The flange of the air duct silencer needs to be stamped with thickened metal and electroplated so as to achieve the effect of anti-deformation and anti-oxidation.
The air duct silencer is composed of a solid steel skin and an internal hollow cavity.
The metal skin needs to be galvanized to avoid oxidation and rust.
matirial of duct silencer-2
The interior of the duct silencer is filled with sound-absorbing material, usually fiberglass or wavy silencer sponges.
From the perspective of performance, the performance of the silencer is mainly measured by the ability of noise attenuation, and the unit is reflected by db.

What’s the size of Duct Silencer?

size of duct silencer

Unitgrow is a professional manufacturer of duct silencers. 
We can provide you with customized services, whether you need a rectangular or cylindrical silencer.
There are many sizes of silencers, mainly according to the size of the air duct fan and the diameter of the air duct to determine the size used.
4 Inch Duct Silencer
6 Inch Duct Silencer
8 Inch Duct Silencer
10 Inch Duct Silencer
12 Inch Duct Silencer

How does a Duct Silencer Work?

Air Duct Noise Silencer

The Duct silencer is defined as a noise filter that is installed into the pipe that carries the air, the exhaust port in the room, or the inlet of the pipe fan.
Its main function is to reduce the impact of noise on the external environment or other areas that cover the duct.Inline fan is a powerful source of noise for hydroponic air circulation systems.
The noise it produces is mainly transmitted to other rooms through usual vibrations and indoor ventilation ducts.
In order to achieve the purpose of weak noise inside the building, in most cases, it is inevitable to install silencers.
In addition to the “main silencer” (preferably located near the inline fan), according to the noise control requirements, it is usually necessary to install more silencers in the indoor air duct to reduce the flow noise of the components in the air duct.
In principle, the task of the silencer is to reduce the air noise transmitted through the piping system without creating any obvious resistance to the flow of air.
The air flows through the sound-absorbing pipe and adopts the most favorable flow design as far as possible.
The absorption material used is mainly anechoic cotton, and the side facing the air flow is provided with sound permeable material (usually protected by undulating sponge, the air duct with large cross section is connected to the single air duct of the muffler, the whole circle of the silencer absorbs sound, and the medium flows in it, and the noise is eliminated mainly through the internal cavity structure full of sound absorbing material.
The vibration of air molecules caused by sound is slowed down in porous absorbing materials (usually mineral wool). 
In this way, sound energy is eventually converted into heat.The silencer which works according to the principle of pure absorption has excellent attenuation at medium and high frequencies.The silencing effect can be better by increasing the thickness of the anechoic cotton.

How to check the quality of Duct Silencer?

quality of duct silencer
1. Check the flange of the duct silencer. The flange needs to be thick enough so that it will not deform when it is stacked and squeezed.It is also a key part of the connection with the air duct, the deformed flange is easy to leak the sound of the product, and the effect of muffling will be weakened.
2. Check the cylindrical body of the entire duct silencer, the metal surface must be oxidized and have sufficient thickness.The deformed cylinder will increase the internal wind resistance of the silencer, resulting in unnecessary airflow noise.
3. Check the muffler performance of the duct silencer, you can set your iphong to the maximum, put it in the section of the silencer, your ear is near the other end, if the sound is obviously weak, it means that the muffler performance is very good.
4. Check the outer package of the silencer. All the outer boxes of the unitgrow silencer have been hardened to ensure long-distance transportation.

As a reliable duct silencer manufacturers, Unitgrow dedicated to supplying customers with high quality duct mufflers. We offer a wide size range of duct silencers, size from 4inch to 12inch.
Welcome to get the newest price list for duct silencers.

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