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It is not easy to introduce all aspects of custom hash bags, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into.To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

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Unitgrow supply various kinds of hash bags to match your requirement. We are glad to recommend you the following hot products which are vary popular worldwide.

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Why Choose Unitgrow ?

We offer hash bags with quality, reliability, and high standard services to brander, wholesaler, traders, and farm growers.


Unitgrow is one of the professional manufacturers of hash bags. Since 2012, our experienced team has been focused on researching, designing, developing and manufacturing the most advanced and efficient herb filter solutions.


Unitgrow has upgraded the material of Hash bag for a long time. 600D coating material is upgraded from PVC to Pu, which is more wear-resistant and environmentally friendly. The filter material is upgraded from ordinary filter to low-temperature stable state, which ensures the service life of hash bag.

Attention to Details

Our service and support department will handle whatever your issue may be promptly and efficiently. Technical consultancy, customization, project and product development, distribution, sales or any other general enquiry, we will do our best to assist you.

Competitive pricing

We offer solutions for commercial horticultural projects such as Brand customization and distribution packaging.
– Project Management
– Product Customization
– Budget accounting
-Design&Photo support

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws,and the distance of transportation.Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

OEM Commucation (1-3 Days)

Our customers have fully control of the designs, from the choice of material to the customization of the fit.

Sampling (5-7 Days)

The samples will be produced by comfirmed design drawing.

Contract and Payment (1-2 Days)

According to the customer’s requirements and confirmed samples, formulate the standard contract and complete the payment of the deposit.

Bulk Producing (15-30 Days)

Since the samples approved, then we would take times to prepare the material and to finish the order, it will take about 15-30 days.

Booking and Shipping (7-10 Days)

We would like to book a ship date before bulk products finish 7 days and it would take 7-10 days loading on board since products finished.

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Unitgrow is a globally leading hash bag manufacturer based in Fujian, China. To meet the high quality demand of customers over the world, Unitgrow had established the modern hash bag manufacturing line..

We have worked intensively with the largest hash bag brands in both the US and Canada and believe our experience can breathe new life into your brand.

Inventory & Low MOQ Support

Plenty inventory

500 square meters warehouse, plent inventory of raw materials and well managed.

One-stop solution

From materials to packaging, we provide one-stop solutions to meet your customized needs


For startups, we accecpt Small order And provide the necessary reference information according to the market information.

Price Advantage

For bulk order, we supply with a competitive price, saving purchasing costs for you.

The Whole Process of Hash Bags

1 - Fabric Producing

Confirm the weight and color of the fabric and arrange the production of hash bag fabric

2 - Material inspection

All raw materials need go through two quality checks and be used after confirmed to be qualified.

3 - Raw material cutting

All models are typeset reasonably, and then cut, (the tolerance difference of cutting is controlled at 0.2cm)

4 - Sewing processing

The sewing is made of double-thread edge sewing, and the handle is stitched with stereotyped reinforcement.

5 - Packing

The packaging of the hash bags is made of hardened and thickened cartons. Custom designed packaging is also available.

6 - Transport & Storage

Provide commodity pallet packing service and free storage for a period of 3 months.

General Application for Hash Bags

Hash bag provides the purest taste and excellent quality of harvest for those who really need it

Hash bags

220 Micron Bag

all mesh bags

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If didn’t find the answer what you need, feel free to contact us.

Yes, we supply FOC sample.

Normally, we will reply within 24 hours after check your request.

Yes, after confirming your needs, we can provide you with the design draft free of charge.

You can fill in the contact form. Please supply the details of your requirements as accurately as possible. So we can send you the offer immediately. And you can contact by Whatsapp, or other instant ways, for fear of any delays.

After price confirmation, you can require for samples to check our quality. It’s free to make a blank sample to check the design and hash bag quality.

we can accept T/T (30%deposit, 70%balance pay before shipment)

Bubble Hash Bags | Micron bags, Manufacturer & Supplier-Unitgrow

Unitgrow is a professional manufacturer & supplier of bubble hash bags in china, we have a better price advantage and quality control ability on our hash bags.

The cost will be about half of your local supplier (including freight).

We use improved 600D coated oxford fabric for bubble bags.

PVC/PE/PU 3 kinds of coated fabric are supplied for you, color can be customized.
PVC fabric is more economical, PE fabric is more lightweight and durable, PU fabric is more environmentally friendly.

Our support team will help you 24/7 with the bubble hash bags purchasing, we have a step-by-step production guide available for each model of hash bags, so it is very easy for you to start it. If you need additional assistance, we also glad to help you.

Bubble Bag System Manufacturing

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Bubble Hash Bag: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

bubble hash bag manufacturer
The use of ice water extraction method is becoming a more and more popular way to extract marijuana.
Because there is no addition in the extraction process, the extracted hemp is more pure and of higher quality.
In this process, bubble hash bag is the most important tool.

Table of Contents

What is Bubble Hash Bag?

bubble hash bag

Bubble hash bags is mainly used to separate plants and resins, and filter out different grades of hash according to the needs.

Bubble hash bag is available for create full-melt or full-spectrum hash.
Bubble hash bag kit extracted and retained cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and other substances without pollution.
The bubble bag filtration system can be equipped with multi-layer filtration to help you collect resin with a fineness of up to 25 microns.
All filters are made of edible-grade, high-toughness nylon mesh with double stitching technology to ensure adequate tension at the bottom of the bubble hash bag.
The bag is made of 600D polyester Oxford fabric. 
The surface of the fabric is environmentally friendly pressure coating, impervious to water, anti-delamination, longer service life.
The mouth of the bag is provided with an elastic band, which can easily adjust the size of the mouth of the bag to prevent water splashing when fully stirring.
At the same time, we have a rope hole nailed to the 32-50 gallon filter bag, which can be easily suspended for hash operation.
Whether for personal use or large quantities of industrial use, unitgrow’s bubble hash bag can easily achieve your filter extraction.
We offer a choice from 1 gallon to 55 gallons to meet your needs for different containers, while you can customize your own brand.

What is the main material of Bubble Hash bag?

The main materials of bubble hash bag are 600D PVC coated Oxford fabric and custom micron nylon mesh.

What is 600D Oxford fabric?

fabric of bubble hash bag

600D polyester fabric is the most widely used fabric in manufacturing bubble hash bags.

It is very cost-effective, stable performance, and can be quickly customized a variety of colors. 

Therefore, 600D Oxford fabric is more widely used than nylon.
So what are the characteristics of 600D Oxford fabric?
It has excellent wear resistance:
600D Oxford cloth is a durable, heavy-duty fabric with suitable thickness.
It has excellent tensile properties and wear resistance, and it can maintain stable performance even after 1000 high-strength cycles. 
Therefore, if used properly and kept properly, bubble hash bag can be reused for a long time.
Waterproof property of 600D Oxford fabric:
The water impermeability is mainly achieved by high pressure spraying PVC or PU coating.
In this way, we can ensure that Bubble hash bag can perfectly realize the extraction of hash and the separation of materials.
Anti-fading ability:
600D Oxford fabric is not easy to fade even if it is exposed to the sun. Bubble hash bag is still as good as new after many times of use, which is completely different from nylon, which is very easy to fade under the action of ultraviolet light.
In addition, the load-bearing capacity of the material is very important because Bubble bag will be filled with a mixture of ice and water during use. 
600D Oxford fabric itself is a heavy fabric, even if it is a strong external force, it is very difficult to tear it, which is one of the important reasons why we choose it.
In short, 600D Oxford fabric is the most ideal material for making Bubble hash bag.

What is Nylon mesh fabric?

mesh fabric for bubble hash bag

Monofilament nylon filament braided to form a custom aperture, high strength braided mesh, which is the nylon mesh used by bubble hash bag.
Nylon filter fabric has excellent chemical resistance and wear resistance, so it can be used for a variety of uses of bubble hash bag, whether it is chemical extraction or ice-water mixed extraction.
Compared with other filter materials, micron nylon filter mesh has the following advantages:
1. Anti-corrosion, anti-chemical reagent characteristics:
it can be very stable in a variety of chemical reagent environment to ensure the safety of the extracted material.
2. Temperature resistance:
It can be used stably in the temperature range of-40 ~ 130 °C, and the pore diameter is not deformed.
3. Toughness and wear resistance:
The dense fabric structure determines that it has a very strong tensile resistance, while the wear resistance of nylon wire itself ensures the friction resistance of nylon mesh fabric.
4. Nylon mesh material is stable and difficult to corrode, so after filtration, you only need to rinse clean.
5. Nylon mesh cloth is a cost-effective material choice because of its low price and outstanding performance.

What’s the Size of Bubble hash bags?

1 Gallon: D1=7in  D2=8.3in  H=10.5in

5 Gallon: D1=11.8in  D2=12.5in  H=16.5in

10 Gallon: D1=11.8in  D2=13.7in  H=21.2in

20 Gallon: D1=17in  D2=21in  H=29.5in

32 Gallon: D1=18.3in  D2=22.5in  H=28.5in

55 Gallon: D1=15.5in  D2=22.8in  H=37.4in

What’s the Micron of Bubble Hash Bags?

micron bag

220 Micron Bag Color: Blue Work bag (filtering large particles of debris).
190 Micron Bag Color: Green Clean-up bag (particulate debris in filtration).
160Micron Bag Color: Red Low Food Grade (low quality resins).
120 Micron Bag Color: Orange Medium Food Grade (medium quality resins).
90 Micron Bag Color: Black High Grade (hight quality resins).
73 Micron Bag Color: Yellow Prime Grade, Gold (perfect resins).
45 Micron Bag Color: white Medium Grade (medium quality resins).
25 Micron Bag Color:Purple Remainder (low to medium quality resins)

What’s the Process of Hash with bubble hash bag?

process of bubble hash bag

First, stack the bubble hash bags sets in turn and put marijuana and ice in the bag.

Herb becomes brittle under the action of low temperature because it is soaked in ice, and the hair will fall off from the stems and leaves of the plant at this time.

Stir the ice-water mixture fully because the density of the trichomes is higher than that of water and will precipitate to the bottom of the bubble hash bag.

On the other hand, the leaves and the stems of plants will rise to the surface of the ice-water mixture under the buoyancy of water, thus achieving the effect of separation.

There are many materials essential to this process: ice, water, mixing sticks and, of course, various micron bubble hash bag.

The advantage of ice-water extraction is that it can harden the resin of herb and easily fall off from the plant body. At the same time, the whole process does not add any chemical solvent, so that herb can be extracted in a pure environment, thus achieving higher purity and perfect taste.


What the Function of different Micron grade Bubble Hash Bags?

function of bubble hash bag

Different micron grade of bubbls hash bag system make it possible to separate different quality resins, you can understand the level from different angles.
From the point of view of impurities:
Because of the large pore size, the main functions of the 220um and 190um bags are to filter impurities and extract resins.
The resins extracted by 160um bag generally contains impurities with relatively small particle size, so the quality is low.
The purity of resins extracted from other bags is better.
From the point of view of the quality of resins:
The quality of resins extracted from 120um, 90 μ m and 73 μ m was very good, and the performance of 90 μ m bag was the best.
The resins from the 45 micron bag can reach medium quality.
Resins filtered in 25 micron bags is usually immature and contains other impurities.

NOTE: The best extraction state is that 8 filter bags are complete.

If the bag is not complete, at least make sure there is at least one bag for each filter level.

You can refer to it as follows:

First filter level: 220 micron bag.

Second filter level: 160 micron bag.

Third filter level: 70 micron bag.

Fourth filter level: 45 micron bag

As one of professional bubble bag system Manufacturers & Suppliers, Unitgrow dedicated to providing customers with high-quality extraction bags. We offer a wide range of bubble bags and provide customized packaging services.

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