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All Mesh Bubble Hash Bag | Extraction Bags | All Mesh Filter Bags

Unitgrow is a professional manufacturer & supplier of all mesh bubble bags in china, so we have a better price advantage and quality control ability on our extraction bags.

The cost will be about half of your local supplier (including freight).

We use Upgraded temperature-resistant and stable thickened polyester silk mesh for all mesh filter bags.

Our support team will help you 24/7 with the bubble hahs bag purchasing, we have a step-by-step production guide available for each model of all mesh bubble bags, so it is very easy for you to start it. If you need additional assistance, we also glad to help you.

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All mesh Bubble Bag Manufacturing

Our Advantage

All Mesh Bubble Bag - The Ultimate Guide

all mesh bubble bags

When we are extracting our herb, we always encounter some problems:

How could I get more yields?

Could my bubble hash bag work more efficiently?

Why my bubble hash bags were broken so quickly?

How to prevent PVC impurities fall off from the bubble bag after freezing?

So, now it’s the answer: all mesh bubble bag!

What is the All Mesh Bubble Bag?

all mesh filter bag

All mesh bubble bags are the most efficient and durable ice water extraction bags.

It is mainly used for ice water bubble Hash, Ice Kief & chemical solvent extraction.

The sidewalls and bottom of the extraction bags are made of white polyester mesh fabric.

All mesh filter bags use 200D bezel strips and 100% nylon sutures for three-layer stitching to increase strength.

All mesh hash bags are durable can be used repeatedly more than 120 times.

Through the filter bags with different microns in the all mesh bubble bag kit, you can effectively filter all kinds of impurities outside the main body of the extract and easily get the purest hash.

What’s the Material of All Mesh Bubble bags?

Micron of All Mesh Bubble Hash Bags

The material of all mesh bubble bags is enhanced all mesh mono-filament screen. 

This material withstands a low temperature of-35 degrees Celsius and a high temperature of 145 degrees Celsius, so it can easily meet the needs of various extraction and filtration.

All materials are pigment-free and bleach-free, which can protect the purity of bubble hash to the greatest extent. Note that mesh screen for different micron has different technical specifications:

MicronMaterialMesh Count
Thread Diameter
220 Micron Blue bag32T81220100
190 Micron Green bag36T9219090
160 Micron Red bag43T11016080
120 Micron Orange bag54T14012064
90 Micron Black bag61T1559064
73 Micron Yellow  bag80T2007348
45 Micron white bag100T2554540
25 Micron Purple bag140T3552534

What is the size of All Mesh Bubble Bags?

size of all mesh bubble bags

Different extraction scenarios require different sizes of all mesh bubble bags to operate, so it is necessary to provide different sizes of filter bags for selection:

1 Gallon All mesh bubble bag: D1=7in D2=8.3in H=10.5in

5 Gallon All mesh bubble bag: D1=11.8in D2=12.5in H=16.5in

10 Gallon All mesh bubble bag: D1=11.8in D2=13.7in H=21.2in

20 Gallon All mesh bubble bag: D1=17in D2=21in H=29.5in

32 Gallon All mesh bubble bag: D1=18.3in D2=22.5in H=28.5in

55 Gallon All mesh bubble bag: D1=15.5in D2=22.8in H=37.4in

What are the advantages of All mesh Bubble bags?

advantage of all mesh bubble bags

Compared to 600D nylon bags with mesh on the bottom, the all mesh bubble hash bag has higher efficiency, which allows water to quickly seep through all sides as well as the rounded bottom of the bag.

This design greatly reduces the drainage time and accelerates the completion of the entire filtration process.

All mesh bubble bags are made of food-grade monofilament filter mesh and sewn with thickened nylon thread to greatly increase strength.

All mesh bags have two sets of identification criteria.

One set of identification is by color, all bags are sewn with different colors on the edges so that customers can easily identify the micron rating of the bags by color.

Another way of identification is through the micron markings sewn on the bag opening, which are marked for each bag: 20um, 190um, 160um, 110um, 90um, 73um, 45um, 25um

We also added a nylon drawstring and positioning buckle to ensure that all mesh bubble bags are the perfect extraction tool for different containers and different shaking frequencies.

How to find a all-mesh bubble bags manufacturer?

all mesh bubble bag manufacturer

Unitgrow is a professional all mesh bubble bag manufacturer and supplier with 7 years of experience.

We can provide OEM/ODM customization service for all mesh filter bags for you.

About the quality of the products, we can do pre-production trial samples to ensure that each of your orders is guaranteed by the quality according to the steps, feel free to contact us, we provide a free sample customization service.

Unitgrow is a Maersk contracted customer, we can do booking operations to ensure our customers receive our all mesh extraction bags quickly with low-cost shipping.

You are welcome to visit our factory at any time, we also support google meeting and zoom online factory inspections.

How to check the quality of All Mesh Bubble Bags?

quality of all mesh hash bags

Quality inspection of all mesh filter bags is very necessary, a set of bags that are worn or broken is of very low practical use.

In the first step, we need to check the mesh screen surface of all mesh bubble bags, must be all intact, without any wear and tear.

In the second step, we need to check all the sewing joints to ensure that every sewing position is sewn together.

In the third step, we need to check if there are a large number of neat pinholes, if there are, it means that the supplier has used old material, which is prohibited behavior.

The fourth step is to check the carry bag of all mesh bubble bags, whether the fabric is worn and whether the seams are sewn together is the key.

The fifth step, check the packaging carton, all the cartons must be new, no bubble water, bubble water carton is very brittle, in the process of transportation will certainly break.

Quality testing has always been a headache for multinational procurement.

For this reason, Unitgrow offers online video inspection and loading of goods to make our customers worry-free.

We will inform our customers and record the video during all stages of production, product inspection, product packaging, product crating, and cargo loading to ensure our customers can keep track of the quality and delivery schedule.

As a professional ice extraction bag Manufacturer, Unitgrow dedicated to providing customers with high-quality all mesh bubble bag sets. We offer a wide range of extraction bags and provide customized packaging services.

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