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220 Micron Bag | 220 Micron Zipper Bag | 220 Micron Filter Bag

Unitgrow is a professional manufacturer & supplier of 220 micron bag in china, so we have a better price advantage and quality control ability on our hash bags.

The cost will be about half of your local supplier (including freight).

We use Upgraded temperature-resistant and stable thickened polyester silk mesh for the rosin bag.

Our support team will help you 24/7 with the 220 micron zipper bag purchasing, we have a step-by-step production guide available for each model of 220-micron bag, so it is very easy for you to start it. If you need additional assistance, we also glad to help you.

220 Micron Zipper Bag Manufacturing

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220 Micron Bag - The Ultimate Guide

220 micron bag
Do you want to buy the best quality 220 micron bag?
Do you want to get the purest bubble hash?Are you eager to extract hash efficiently?
If so, the ice water extraction method will be your best choice.
The indispensable tool for ice water extraction is 220 Micron zipper bag.
Unitgrow is a professional 220micron work bag manufacturer that provides a full range of services for your customization needs.
Whether you are a small brand or a brand with many stores, we can meet your requirements for 220Micon filter bag: material customization, micron customization, design customization and packaging customization.

Table of Contents

What is 220 Micron Bag?

220 micron filter bag
The 220 micron bag is designed to extract the primary and original bubble hash.
The temperature-resistant material of the whole network makes it have a stable filter structure: you no longer have to worry about impurities, and the mellow and mild taste of hash is easy to get.
The thickened and wear-resistant modified polyester mesh enables 220 micron work bag to work efficiently with bubble washing machine to meet your urgent needs.
At the same time, 220 micron filter bag can be reused many times in safe storage, and its care is extremely simple, as long as it is washed and dried in a ventilated place after use.
The filter bag mesh of Unitgrow has been tested for many times in different dimensions, which can satisfy your extraction in different environments, whether it is bubble hash machine or Gallon bucket.
The most important highlight is that the 220 micron bag design has also been improved many times, adding mesh bayonets in a number of key parts to ensure that no impurities are leaking from the bag.
Also Unitgrow is a professional partner of YKK. You can check our real situation in YKK customer database. 
We hope to provide you with the best 220micron bag product solution.

What the Meterials of 220 Micron Bag?

220 micron work bag

The main materials of 220 micron bag are mesh fabric and zipper.
The quality of Mesh fabric and zipper determines the service life of 220 Micron work bag.

Mesh fabric

material of 220 micron bag
220 Micron bag is usually used in bubble hash washer, mixed with ice water to overcome friction and great centrifugal pulling force for extraction.
This means that mesh fabric itself needs to have strong anti-friction and anti-tear properties.
In general, the micron grade of Mesh fabric can be customized as needed:
220-Micron/ 190-Micron/ 160-Micon/ 120-Micorn/ 90-Micron/ 73-Micron/ 45-Micron/ 25-Micron.


zipper for 220 micron bag
The zipper of 220 micron bag needs to be of the type heavy and durable because it will be used repeatedly.
Based on the fact that the 220 Micron work bag is often soaked in water, its zipper is required to be antioxidant and rustproof.
During the operation of 220micron filter bag, due to the high-speed rotation of the bubble washing machine, the zipper is required to have a self-locking function to avoid impurity leakage caused by the slip of the zipper.

What’s the Function of 220 Micron Bag?

220 micron zipper bag
In order to collect as much resins as possible, you need to freeze the herb in the refrigerator before processing and extracting it.
Next, you will begin the exciting process of bubble hash.
First, open the zipper of 220 micron bag and put herb in the bag.
Then put 220 micron work bag into bubble hash machine, a small washing machine. 
It should be noted here that the zipper must be completely closed before putting the filter bag into the washing machine.Then add water and ice, half of the water and half of the ice.
If the ice melts in the process, we must continue to add it to make sure the temperature is controlled at 0 degrees Celsius.Set the working time of bubble hash maching to 10 minutes.
Your next job is to circulate the water, collect the hash from the dropsy, then continue to add water and ice to the bubble hash machine, repeat this 7-8 times, and extract all the essence.
In the last drainage, all the drainage should be completely collected and filtered for extraction, and we can wait a few hours before we deal with it.
In this process, you have completed the primary extraction through 220 micron bag.
We can use bubble hash bag to purify the water discharged from bubble hash machine for the next step.
This is the main function of 220 Micron bag: to cooperate with bubble hash machine for extraction.

How to choose the right micron bag?

effect of 220 micron bag
For rosin micron bag, micron refers to the size of filter hole diamater of mesh fabric.

The micron of bag directly affects the quality of resins from herb, so understanding the relationship between different plants and microns is very important to extract the best hash.

Smaller micron of bag, the purer and finer the resin can be extracted, and vice versa.

Because the herb needs to be extracted first, 220 micron mesh fabric can ensure that the herb is extracted to the maximum extent.

For the preliminary extraction of herb, we suggest that micron bag at 190 microns and above.

If it is for dry screening or Kief filtration, choose a micron bag of more than 73 microns.

If it is for the most refined hash, choose a Micron bag of 25 microns or less.

How to check the quality of 220 Micron Bag?

quality of micron bag
1. Check the surface of the 220micron bag to see if there is any wear on the mesh fabric, and if so, it will cause impurities in the herb to leak.
2. Check that the zipper is thick and has an automatic locking function to ensure that it does not slip during the filtering process.
3. Check all seams to see if 200D strips are used for edge treatment, which can increase the tensile strength of 220 micron filter bag.
4. Check the end of the zipper to see if there is a mesh fabric leak-proof bayonet, so that the treatment can ensure the purity of resin.

As a professional 220 micron bag Manufacturer & Supplier, Unitgrow dedicated to providing customers with high quality micron bags. We look forward to meeting you and working on projects about the future.
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