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Unitgrow, is a leading company which supply grow tent, hydroponic pots, hydroponic drying rack, hydroponic air filter, hydroponic fan silencer, bubble hash bags, 220 micron bag, all mesh hash bags with high quality, advanced technology.


About Orientrise

Established in 2010, Orientrise has been one of the Professional hydroponic manufacturer in China.

With 12 years of going hydroponic, we specialized in developing the most high-quality technologies to bring smart solutions of gardening for different hydroponic applications.

Our company covers an area of approximately 6,000 square meters. Adhering to the philosophy of “Professional, Integrity and Reliable”, Orientrise offers a series of services, including designing, manufacturing and selling hydroponic products. Our products were exported to main markets, including Australia, South America, Europe and North America, etc.

Welcome to contact us, and work with us to deliver reliable hydroponic products to your customers.

WHY CHOOSE Unitgrow Hydroponic Supplies?

OEM/ODM Service

530 style OEM/ODM per month for hydroponic system and growing weed

Product Stability

Annual average defective rate of 0.02%

Fast Delivery

7 days for customized sample 15 days for bulk order

Order Flexibility

50 piece/ Models for CustomMOQ 1-piece for Regular Style

After-Sale Service

Response to inquiries within 2 hours / 98% annual customer satisfaction rate

Quick Order-Solution

Satisfactory order sourcing solutions within 24 hours

Orientrise Hydroponic Supplies

Bubble Bags

Unitgrow is professional bubble hash bag manufacturer, we glad to offer you with wholesale extraction bags.
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Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter is part of hydroponic sir system, we supply our customer high quality hydroponic air filter with OEM/ODM service.
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Duct Silencer

We offer our customers durable hydroponic fan silencer with various sizes. Inner silencer sponge color can be customized.
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All mesh bags

All mesh hash bag, 1/4 mesh bag, 3/4 mesh bag, we provide customized solutions for you
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220 Micron Bags

220 micron zipper bag/ Cube bag/ Triangle filter bag, no matter which style you need, we have the solution for you.
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Win-Win Cooperation with Unitgrow

Integral soLution

Full-Scale hydroponic products supply
The whole chain of shipping and Customs service


Style and Color can be customized, including fabric and packing.

Premium Production

PCAD process management, on-time delivery.
100% full inspection of goods

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